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Posted by Pamela Boisvert | 1 Dec 2017
Looking to impress your colleagues this year? Yes, that time of the year is already here – office Christmas's party season! Kimdja wants to help ...
Posted by Pamela Boisvert | 30 Nov 2017
Holidays - my favourite time of the year! Why? Because it's time to plan family parties, but also our office party! If, like me, you're the ...
Posted by Pamela Boisvert | 15 Feb 2017
You have started your wedding preparations and you already have your hands full? Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all these bridal shows everyone is talking ...
Posted by Catia Cemeus | 9 Dec 2016
The first event not to be missed will be held in a few days on December 31st on Parliament Hill for the kick-off of the ...